ISO Dial Obsession

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Re: ISO Dial Obsession

rich789 wrote:

What is the big deal about finally having an ISO dial on a modern camera.

It was fine on film cameras where you mainly only changed the ISO when you used a roll of film that was a different speed. Surely it is easier and quicker to assign a FN button to ISO ,no need to take your eye from the viewfinder, look down at the camera to see what you are doing, press a button, turn a dial and maybe want to do it all again for the next shot.

Is it just nostalgia or am I missing something here.

But are people really obsessed by this?

I mean it is ok of it is there, but personally I always work with auto ISO anyway so in y case it would be set in one position. So in my case, I don't care.

There are some people who probably mess with it more often than I do and they may find it great - surely faster than going constantly to menu. But I don't know how many they are.

I think it is more like an experiment for Fuji. It doesn't mean all next releases will have manual ISO. I think this may be one camera deal only.

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