Penrax K3 weather sealing problem.

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Wallace Ross
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Re: Penrax K3 weather sealing problem.

me_tarzan wrote:

It's unfortunate - extremely unfortunate - that there is always one person who finds comments regarding problems encountered offensive in some way. Your post was unhelpful, unpleasant and inappropriate.

Please refer to the preceding post so that you can see why I am concerned.

Since making post on this and other forums, I have received responses from a number of people who have had their warranties arbitrarily voided by Pentax, for just this same issue. The grounds given were "any internal water damage voids the warranty". The irony of advertising a camera as weatherproof, then voiding the warranty on the basis of water ingress seems to escape Pentax. (and seems inconsequential to you). Had you bought an expensive camera and after 30 days it failed miserably you might have shown a little more sympathy. Your lofty and righteously indignant recommendation for patience would be understandable if you worked for the Ricoh Public Relations department (I assume you don't). This is supposed to be a friendly community where free interchange of ideas, thoughts, problems and suggestions abound. The camera cost me $1800. I'm now facing an uncertain situation and you feel it appropriate to complain about my concerns as being in some way premature.

Shame on you. This is a forum for Pentax enthusiasts. In what way do you consider that your odious comments are in the good spirit of our community?

I'm not sure why you  singled me out for ridicule I still hope this is resolved quickly for you.  I don't feel any shame for hoping this doesn't devolve into a long thread about poor Ricoh QC.  Your reaction seems completely out of proportion to my comments.

I expect my weather sealing to work as should you and if it doesn't you should be remedied. Still not sure what I said that made you so mad.

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