Camera to satisfy "action" needs: 6D or 70D?

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Re: Camera to satisfy "action" needs: 6D or 70D?

sailaway78 wrote:


Hey. Kids are always in motion.

A child that the focus isn't fast enough for.

OOF happens.

Please tell me this is a troll.

You should be able to tell the difference, no?

Unless your shooting in total darkness.

Doubt it.

Isn't there an auto focus assist light on your camera.

Never use the darn thing myself. I find it annoying, and prefer to use good AF technique.

The reason I find this post questionable is I shoot wildlife, and BIF with an ancient 40D.

Some of us like to shoot those subjects too (Myer even posted so).

And yes I gripe about the focus not being fast enough a lot.

Happens no matter what body. It's natural, we'll alwaysbe wishing for a little better. In fact, I think that's exactly what the OP is asking for in this very thread.

But a flying kingfisher is 1000 times faster than a child.

OK, maybe ten times. But it often seems like the kids are moving at 1000 MPH!

I shoot my 3yo niece a lot, and have never, ever, not one time found the focus unable to keep up with her and her puppy, no matter what the activity.

Good for you. It's a first.

And I don't even have a 2.8 lens of any description.

Well there's the answer right there. Many of us do shoot with lenses of f/2.8 or even faster. And focus gets trickier and trickier the larger the aperture you use.

I think if someone is looking to upgrade their body, then they have every right to inquire as to the prospective cameras' capabilities. Especially considering the subjects they intend to shoot.

For instance, if you were to want to upgrade at some point, I'd say the 70D or even the T4i/T5i would net you about double the (BIF) keepers that you get with your venerable 40D (and that's due to the AF alone). I'd give it some consideration.

(and maybe give the OP a little too while you're at it)


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