I don't normally use 1200mm for portraits, but . . .

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Re: I don't normally use 1200mm for portraits, but . . .

Hollander wrote:

Amazing close up shots Ed. The eagle shot make me a bit jealous I've been going out the last 2 weeks looking for a close up shot of the eagles around here. There are plenty of them around, but they are all high up in the trees. Good for you though Ed. Nice owl shot too.

Thanks for your thoughts Rob. I'm kind of lucky with eagles sometimes (Evan calls me the "raptor whisperer" ), but sometimes they just keep me waiting out in the cold snow. Luckily this one was taken early in the season and it was "just there" as we turned the bend. Like I said, lucky.

Now what really puzzle me is the fact that you encounter a rattle snake in this cold weather with all the snow still all on the ground. Aren't they still hibernating at this time of the year??

This months old post was resurrected this morning by RhiteOn, so the rattler was out and about when it was still reasonably warm. Although in late November (crazy weather) there were still rattler warnings posted along the trails (especially due to the danger of not seeing them in the fallen leaves). It's quite safe right now in the cold. But I do like living in an area where rattlers and bears and coywolfs and eagles, etc. are all within range of our trusty SX50s.


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