ISO Dial Obsession

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Re: Who changes it very often ?

DVT80111 wrote:

nick_webster wrote:

I control the shutter speed/aperture and exp. comp. and let the camera pick whatever ISO is necessary to ensure a proper exposure.

Not the way I shoot. I choose Aperture, ISO, and let the camera choose the speed. When the speed drops too slow, I will bump the ISO up. So ISO dial is very very useful. Speed dial, almost useless.

This way of shoting is a mystery to me. What do you do if shutter spikes to 1/1000? Change ISO again to keep IQ at the best level? Why don't you simply set minimum sutter speed for what you want, set ISO to auto and play ony with aperture? ISO is a technicality, it not adding to composition, does not depend from subject etc. Aperture and shutter speed is the key, rest is derived. You don't need shuter then use A mode.

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