ISO Dial Obsession

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Re: ISO Dial Obsession

Al Valentino wrote:

All I can say is the Function button on my XE1 is set for ISO and the Selector is set for Focus Area, and all this works out perfectly for me. I prefer the minimalist look and feel. The two things I adjust the most are Aperture ring and Focus area. DR is set for Auto with ISO at 400 most of the time so the DR will kick in as needed.


Could you explain me something ? I don't understand the advantage of this setting. If DR is not triggered because there is not too much contrast in the scene, you will still shoot at ISO 400 ??  ISO 200 might be better in some cases.

If you set Auto-iso + auto DR and you shoot a scene with lot's of contract, what is going to happen ? . Are you going to shoot automatically at Iso 400 to benefit from DR ?

So what is the best setting ? I would like auto DR but avoid to force ISO 400. But if DR expansion is needed, I want the ISO to be set at ISO 400

What do you recommend ?


I actually prefer the Function button on top for ISO instead of dial, especially since the diopter is set for my vision and n usually shoot without glasses. I would have to put my glasses on to read a dial.

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