I don't normally use 1200mm for portraits, but . . .

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Re: I don't normally use 1200mm for portraits, but . . .

VisionLight wrote:

BarnET wrote:

funny claiming that after i posted a picture right in this post.......

I did not criticize the photographer here. Only pointed to the limitations of an bridge camera at the long zoom end.

I appreciate what you are saying but also appreciate the support of my friends Augustin and Evan. This being a P&S forum, we are many times more interested in the results that can be attained despite the limitations of our equipment, which we are well aware of and deal with. And Augustin probably posted his reply before seeing your image post.

What I would like to point out here though is that diffraction probably had very little to do with the loss of IQ in the images. Yes I am a gearhead, have studied the lens/sensor combination of this camera, and have written the only full operating review of this camera on this site. I read many people here talking about diffraction because that's what they've heard, but don't really know how to determine its effects vs other factors. I don't know your knowledge, so let me know your level of expertise in making your statements. You may have a point that I'm not seeing in the original SOOC images.

As to what's causing the lack of IQ? Mostly the shutter speeds at the high magnification. All are slow and being aided mostly by the OIS of a hand supported camera on a live mount (see my reply to Murry on how the images were taken). 400% pixel peeping of the originals show the owl image to have up to 4 pixels of directional loss of acuity. The eagle and rattler have less so, but still directional, not dispersive loss of acuity. The rattler actually shows the most signs of dispersive loss vs directional, but it looks more like inprecise focus than diffraction.

If you see something different and can explain it, please let me know. I continually seek to gain additional knowledge.

You were shooting at a mono pod with these shutter speeds at 1200mm. Well that leaves me impressed by your skill. I don't think it's imprecise focus since you actually have some depth of field to work with because of the sensor size and F6.5.

Motion blur becouse of even very slight camera shake at these focal ranges is very plausible and probably indeed the case. I do believe these are good results considering the limitations of your gear and the poor lighting of the scene.


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