I don't normally use 1200mm for portraits, but . . .

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Re: I don't normally use 1200mm for portraits, but . . .

evancj wrote:

BarnET wrote:

Stephen Barrett wrote:

Simply amazing detail and colour, Ed.

bit of over reaction.

Just ok detail and so so colour.

Still the OP got the most out of his kit.

Diffraction just limits the ammount of detail here. nothing he could do about it.

So I went to your gallery to see some examples of prefect photography and was shocked to find you have posted nothing.

It always amazes me when those whom are most critical of others work, never provide example of theirs. Just like so many other drive by critics we have seen before you...you can talk the talk, but cant walk the walk.

That's all the time, Evan ! There are here many people with real photographic talent, that are always ready to explain and to show their outstanding work (you and Ed included) and some "perfectionists" that criticize everything, but can't show us a single usable shot

Amazing, isn't it?

Happy shooting,


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