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Re: Question for owners of the Canon Pixma Pro 100

DWEverett wrote:

I have the original pixma pro 9000 and it's finally starting to have problems so I'm upgrading to the new pro-100. We don't print all the time but when we do we often print a decent volume so I'd like to stock up on some extra ink. The old 9000 used the various colors at dramatically different rates.

I'm sure it depends on what one is printing but in general, what are folks finding in terms of which colors are used most?



Hello Bill,

I own 3 PRO-100s among many other printers. The PRO-100 seems like it is more conservative as far as ink consumption when compared to the PRO 9000 MKII of which I also have two of them.

It all has to do with the fact that the PRO-100 ink set incorporates Gray shades of ink. By doing so it is able to create many different shades or densities of the many colors without having to depend to much on the "Light" Versions of Cyan and Magenta. Better tonality and graduations are always the result of printer which feature shades of K.

So when I first set the PRO-100 and began to run prints I noticed that ink consumption was indeed much better that what I had experienced with the PRO 9000. In fact I began to worry whether the ink level counter was even working properly. Well physical checks of the carts confirmed that as most carts which read as full were indeed practically full.

The first "Colors" to need replacement will be your grays. The other colors will depend on the color scheme of your images. You will see a very detailed listing of carts used up listed below by one of the proud PRO-100 owners here in the forum

The ink counter will drop in incremental steps and not at all gradually as one might suspect.

When the liquid side of the cart reaches empty it will cause the optical prism to send a warning to the ink monitoring system and you will get the first (!) Yellow warning. The Sponge side of the cart will still contain about 3-4 ml of ink and if you continue to print you will soon reach the actual EMPTY warning where you can not print any further.

Now you must change that cart to a full one. Do not tempt yourself into trying to extract every droplet of ink by disabling the ink monitoring system. You will likely FRY your print head as CANON print heads require WET ink at all times as they are Thermal in nature as opposed to EPSON heads which fire COLD.

If in the future you decide to begin to use 3rd party inks, the only proven source is Precisioncolors.

The results are as good as OEM inks. Mike the owner has spent countless hours creating custom ICC profiles for the most common papers you would ever print on and the combined results are simply outstanding.

Please watch my set up and printing videos for the PRO-100, among others in the subject of printing.

Take care and good luck with your PRO-100

Look up my PRO-100 and other videos here:


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