EM-1 uses Panasonic sensor per Chipworks

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Eric Nepean
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Re: More Interesting .....

Anders W wrote:

exdeejjjaaaa wrote:

Eric Nepean wrote:

than Panasonic selling to Olympus is the fact that we now have Panasonic manufacturing a sensor with phase detect capability.

any sensor can have PDAF - only Canon does that in silicone - all others just play with CFA on top of the sensor...

In a sense, Canon does it by means of sensor toppings too. They have just been smart enough to realize that if, in addition, you cut each quadratic pixels in two rectangular ones, you can get PDAF functionality from every pixel without losing anything else.

Good observation. But from the Chipworks report abstract I see the following:

The Olympus OM-D EM-1 contains a Panasonic 34231 (MN34230 die markings) CMOS Image Sensor with on-chip phase detection pixel array

It sounds like Olympus have also implemented PDAF in silicon. I wonder why?

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