EM-1 uses Panasonic sensor per Chipworks

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Re: What difference does it make?

arbuz wrote:

Landscapephoto99 wrote:

It was subcontracted by Olympus to Panasonic, but it is Olympus' design.

I don't recall any camera sensor designed by Olympus. They don't do it.

So they design it to their specifications.  This is the same that Nikon does with Sony and Toshiba.  Olympus apparently does with Sony and Panasonic.

It has better high ISO than the E-M5 according to dpreview and others, it has better DR, slightly higher resolution, color and great AF.

Not really. RAW ISO is actually worse than E-M5 according to dpreview, DXO and others.

You mean like this?  The E-M5 is at least a half stop noisier than the E-M1 according to Dpreview and Imaging Resource.

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