The Fallout in Dawlish

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The Fallout in Dawlish

For those who don't live in the UK, the West of England has just lost all rail ties because of either storm or flood damage. One of worst hit areas on the coast was Dawlish.

This is Dawlish looking the other way. It boasts one of the most beautiful railway lines in the country.

If you walk up to that rock formation on the right, you can look back on the coastline. It looks like the picture below.

The rest of the pictures are going to be placed in this one. You can see pieces of metal bent upwards along the rail line on the left.

In the middle of the picture is the Dawlish train station. The news said waves moved it off its concrete foundations such that trains cannot get in. They have to relay the track.

Further along, half way to the right side, is where the sea took out the sea wall, destroying the track, and threatening to drag some homes into the sea.

On the far right is a rock formation. From there to near where I am standing, the sea side walking path is closed. This is a real shame because it was a lovely walk.

This is not high tide and the sea is fairly calm. Here is someone defending Dawlish from the waves.

Here is some of the damage.

This was on the left of the picture above. You can see the metal twisted upwards and the sea wall damaged.

Even on a calm day like this, the occasional wave can make itself felt. This is the same place as above a few moments later.

This is looking into the station. You can see the stones from the railway bed covering the pavement (sidewalk) on the left.

This is a loooonnng shot and and heavily cropped. This is where the sea completely destroy the railway tracks and threatened the houses. They have been evacuated. The containers in the foreground were laid there to protect the breach as best they could. The place where they are sitting was a popular foot path (not normally accessible during high tide).

Below is the rock formation that was in the far right of the reference picture ... looking from the other side. Look how quickly the train tracks have rusted. No trains since Fed 5th.

The mainline connecting everything west of Exeter is now completely cut off. Quiet and empty. The two rail lines east of Exeter also recently flooded and are impassible. We are completely cut off by rail.

Nature's Kung Fu is very strong.

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