Surprise: Olympus E-M1 uses a Panasonic sensor!

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Re: Surprise: Olympus E-M1 uses a Panasonic sensor!

The E-M5 and E-M1 are so similar in imaging characteristics, the latter feeling like a natural evolution of the former, that I find it hard to believe they're not related. Could Chipworks be mistaken about the E-M1 having a Panasonic sensor, or indeed the E-M1 having a Sony one?

If not, another possibility is that the identity of the manufacturer of the chip is largely irrelevant, the factor determining ita performance being the design, and specifically any IP used. It may be that the E-M1's performance is due to technologies from Olympus, Sony, Panasonic and perhaps others, and it could even be that a variety of factories actually fabricate the sensors to a common specification.

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