When did it become okay…

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When did it become okay…

…to download people's images, make processing changes, crop, etc. without even asking the maker of the image for permission?

I see this done throughout the forums and, maybe i'm just old fashioned, but it strikes me as incredibly rude and presumptuous. The equivalent would be someone grabbing a pencil or paint and a brush and marking up someone's drawing or painting.

Granted, digital processing is a non-destructive modification, but it still bothers me that someone would not even first ask for permission before altering someone's image. This just seems like common, basic curtesy to me.

Even if the changes result in an arguably "better" image, i see these changes made without even first asking what the vision or intent of the photographer is. For even basic critique and comment to be effective and helpful to the photographer, viewers should have some sense of what the maker of the image had in mind in making the image. For people to just change things to appeal to their own taste, or to more closely resemble what they would do with a particular scene is not only presumptuous, but it's unlikely to be useful to the maker of the image as it doesn't help them really think through the processes by which they made the image.

Having taken a number of art and drawing classes over the years, i thought the best teachers would always take the time to try to help students look dispassionately and clearly at their work as it was being made. They'd pull students back from their work and ask questions. "Do you see how you've rendered the shadow here?" "Do you see how this plane recedes? Is that what it's doing in your drawing?" "Is this what you mean to be doing?" And so on.

The lazy teachers would simply draw on students' work, providing the teacher's solution, rather than trying to draw out the student's own ideas.

This is the same light in which i view the unsolicited modifying another photographer's image without at least asking for the photographer's consent.


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