70D vs. 60D upgrade review/comments

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70D vs. 60D upgrade review/comments


  • mode selection dial removal of portrait, action...etc modes   +++ (never ever used them, now easier to change settings with fewer choices
  • new start/stop  still/video button    +   (easier to use)
  • new button near shutter release for AF selection  ++  (but placement good have been better)
  • Smaller quick control dial  - - -    talk about "shrinkage". Remember the film ELAN where it was the size of a silver dollar? Sure they need to make it smaller due to LCD screen, but this is ridiculous.  It's also very quirky on my copy...not that easy press the directional buttons and get the right result
  • Other button placement changes. -= Neutral. No big deal

Overall size/weight form factor - Neutral.  same weight, slightly smaller footprint.

Focusing System

  • 19 pt vs 12pt +++ thought it woulid be overkill but it's not
  • Multi point focus zones  ++    havent done enough shooting to see if it really help but I think it will with wildlife photography
  • 7fps frame rate  ++++ biig difference, esp for someone who autobrackets a lot
  • focusing speed/ low light   +++ "seems" faster, more responsive


  • ??? will leave that to all the tests.  Cannot tell the difference at this stage.

WiFi +    should be many pluses, but the executi0n is poor. Not easy set-up.  No excuse not to include GPS.  how much $$$ could it add  every new mobile phone has it?

Other new features, eg viewfinder enhancements (grid/level display), custom functions - Neutral.

Nothing I coudn't live with out...Exception may be micro focusing adjustment . Have not used it yet.

Overall,, this another "incremental upgrade" for the D series , worthwhile but no wow factor.  Since I really used this to replace my Rebel T4i, it's a big upgrade from that.

Canon EOS 60D Canon EOS 70D Canon EOS Rebel T4i (EOS 650D / EOS Kiss X6i)
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