a7R rear LCD display defect

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Re: a7R rear LCD display defect

Joe Colson wrote:

Perhaps I should have said "unusual pressure" instead of "contact" to avoid the nitpicking that seems to be pervasive on these forums. Pardon my imprecision. Occasional wiping with a cloth should not result in an LCD failure.

But you did use the word contact so pardon me for 'nit-picking' .  I didn't anticipate that you would be  so sensitive ! I'll pardon your imprecision in the use of language but don't let it happen again ! 

I agree that occasional wiping should not cause such problems but that was my experience with my now dead NEX 7. The deterioration of my LCD started in the centre of the screen but others have had this happen at the corners , perhaps the  handling which occurs when lifting the LCD panel could account for this phenomenon ?

I'm not too sure why you can be so certain that an additional screen protector may not have prevented this ?

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