MFT Users: Do you miss the shallower depth-of-field of bigger sensor cameras?

Started Feb 8, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Thanks ..

s_grins wrote:

Just for you... I did not spent more than 30 sec, I did not try to be realistic, the only purpose is to show that extra blur can be done during PP. Final result depends on the skills and taste which I probably do not have.

What you can see is a possibility do do this.

This is a presentation only, do not judge hursh. Thanks for your interest

It looks very much like what you would get with the lens-baby. It does add some interesting look to the images, I agree here, and perhaps this was not even the best example. But that is why the lens-baby does not cost as much as true 35/1.4 for instance. I mean, if you think of it, why do they even make those fast lenses, and why is there a market for it.

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