Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

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Re: Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

Mel Snyder wrote:

Bahahaha! Yeah ok mate

So these reviews focus around using theae tablets as a post production tool for photographers or just 'which is the best tablet for mum and dad'?

Everything to do with photo editing on an iPad is a work around, a kludge. Yeah it can kind of sort of do some stuff, if you harrass it hard enough, but it doesnt't evwn come close to what you can do on a Windows tablet.

Even you admitted yourself, the iPad doesn't do what a Macbook Air can do... Well guess what, Windows tablets like the Surface Pro are just like MBA's but in a different, tablet shaped form factor.

"Windows tablets like the Surface Pro are just like MBA's but in a different, tablet shaped form factor."

This is a joke, right? Read this article from Microsoft's latest filing with the Securities Exchange Commission. The Surface got CEO Steve Ballmer fired and replaced (he wanted to leave in August but the board replaced him last week). How long do you think the new CEO is going to keep that money-loser in the lineup.

There's a reason why Surface sales are so lousy. It's so bad that Microsoft could not give it away to its Fortune 1000 customers - which it preferred to do rather than take a $900 million write down.

I pay close attention to the finances of any company in whose product I invest significant (>$500) money. But that's me.

I do find all this platform bashing tiresome and somewhat childish.    Yes Microsoft have messed up with the marketing of the Surface, and arguably should have left it to the third parties.  They have also messed up big time with the the way they have introduced the Windows 8 Metro tile interface, in particular by trying to force desktop users on to it where it  is not appropriate, which is probably a Ballmer led brute force type policy.

Until the new CEO gets round to fixing it, the latter issue can be easily remedied to make Windows 8 become a better desktop O/S Windows than Windows 7, by the simple addition of a $4.99 program (Start8 from Stardock) to bring back a proper start menu.  There are free alternatives like Classic Shell, but I don't find them as good or as reliable.

The other miscalculation by Ballmer was splitting Windows into full and RT versions.  The excellent Asus T100 I mentioned earlier, which is effectively a Surface Pro for half the price, shows that having full Windows on a versatile tablet/laptop device is not only practical but desirable.  I expect to see a lot more such devices.

However, for a touch interface Metro is finding a lot of fans, particularly on phones but also increasingly on tablets.  On devices with limited screen real estate, just migrating over the "icon on the desktop" model from full size computers, as exemplified by iOS and Android, was never a terribly clever thing to do.  Why have tiny uninformative icons while wasting valuable screen space on a background that nobody needs to see?

Growing the icons until they touch and obscure the background and as a result can be big enough to provide useful live information was a great idea - the result being an entirely logical improvement into a tile rather than icon based interface.  Leaves Android and iOS looking quaintly old fashioned these days.  No doubt Android will move to this at some point, and some customised versions already provide something similar.  It will be interesting to see what marketing doublespeak Apple come up with to make it seem they are not copying Windows, should they ever follow suit!

On the subject of Apple - while they produce beautifully designed hardware, and their PCs/laptops are reasonably open systems, though I suspect this will change, the tablet and phone strategy is very prescriptive.  This aims to lock people in the Apple walled garden approach which makes doing simple things like getting files off a camera into an iPad an exercise in frustration and complex multi-component workarounds.  They will get away with this while a vast mass of sheeple are prepared to pay over the odds to buy into the Apple is cool fashion ethos, but fashion is fickle and I already see signs of this breaking down.

Interesting times ahead I think.

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