Banding : Lightroom related?

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Re: Banding : Lightroom related?

CeleryBeats wrote:

wchutt wrote:

Extreme increases in luminance (5 EV for instance) can reveal artifacts when the sensor's analog signal to noise ratio is extremely low due to high ISO settings. ISO 6400 underexposes the sensor by 5 stops compared to the base ISO (300).

Then you amplify the noise by increasing the shadow region brightness by another 5 stops.

Is anyone surprised artifacts can be seen with a 10 stop disadvantage compared to an optimal exposure of the same scene at ISO 200?

Fujifilm just can't produce a proper sensor and data stream that is artifact free when abused by 10 stops.

Of course i am very well aware of this. The problem is not so much noise or artifacts but a disturbance or mistake with the sensor. I had a birthday shoot yesterday, very poorly lit room and now i see all shots suffer from the problem in their default output. A very visible problem with my fuji from 1600iso and onwards.

Now i might have found something here. I just did some shots with my lens detached from the body. The patterns seem to have dissapeared.

lifted exposure 5 stops

lifted exposure 5 stops

So maybe a problem with the camera to lens connection.

Try cleaning lens contacts....?

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