New York for the weekend with my Monochrom and new 24 Summilux (Metro)

Started Feb 9, 2014 | Photos thread
jeff hladun
jeff hladun Veteran Member • Posts: 3,085
Re: New York for the weekend with my Monochrom and new 24 Summilux (Metro)

Toccata47 wrote:

Boring, meaningless, pointless. Like 99% of the detritus on this forum.

I don't mind comments that are strongly worded or strongly critical of the imagery posted here, but there has to be some sort of fully stated, articulated reasoning behind them. Otherwise the critic comes across as spiteful, mean and vindictive.

Toccata, if you think the images are without merit, please give us the thinking behind your position. The comments you make above offer the poster or any of us nothing which promotes better photography, making what you write itself meaningless and pointless.

I feel the same way about the empty back-slapping positive commentary engaged in here, but empty positive comments aren't equal to empty negative comments, as at least they encourage the photographer to become better, albeit in a less efficient manner.

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