OK I'll just look at M39 and OM glass.... No I won't...

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What has me curious is a decent lens below 14mm. The price for the Olympus 12 just isn't cricket... I really do use the 22mm wde end of my LX7 a lot and the Samyang 10 isn't that great of a lens. The kit 28 is good, but if I could get a cheap 24mm equivalent or wider, even better..

I am curious about your Samyang 10mm comment. It seems this lens was just announced in December, and I can't find it anywhere. Is there an older version? Seems unlikely a new lens would have a bad rep. already!

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The Samyang 10mm is not for sale yet, so the chances the OP has used one are slim to none. I'm not even aware of any reviews for it, so he must simply be mistaken.

Isn't it pretty massive for a M43 lens tho? Since it's another repurposed APS-C design, maybe that's what he's alluding to, from what I remember a lot of people lost interest once details on it were revealed.

Yes, its a large lens, as it is an ultrawide DSLR lens. You can't have an ultra wide for a DSLR in a small package, its simply impossible. Due to the flange distance, the lens has to be retrofocal in design.

If Samyang designs something similar for M43rds/NEX it can be a lot smaller, actually I think they are designing a 12/2 for mirrorless, which will probably be a much better choice for someone who wants a compact manual focus wide lens.

Personally, I paid about $550 used for my Olympus 12/2, which seemed reasonable enough to me. They sell regularly on ebay in the $475-575 range.

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