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Shall we put on our thinking caps?

chr68 wrote:

It looks like the apertures of the FE mount lenses that are available are ~1 stop lower that what we could get on a classic APSC camera.
The 24-70 does only open at 4. It is easy to find the equivalent on APSC opening at 2.8. ...

This limitation seems inherent to the low distance we have between the sensor and the lens that makes optical corrections much more complex to implement.

The fact that the last optical element can be close to the sensor on an emount camera does not imply that it cannot be further from it.  A lens designer can always choose to put the last optical element as far from the sensor as on a Nikon F mount, or a T mount for that matter, although typically that would only make their job more complex.  So long as an optical element does not protrude into the camera in a way that interferes with it, there is no standard for optical element placement relative to the flange.

The short flange to sensor distance of the emount merely provides options that do not exist with a long one.

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