Help with infrared post processing

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Help with infrared post processing


I am relatively new to infrared photography and would appreciate some help with photo post processing.

I went out this morning while the sun was shining was a clear sky to take a photo I had been thinking about for some time. When I returned home I extracted the many different versions and decided for one. I want to achieve the stunning blue sky effect with white foliage (as white as it can be at this tie of year) while making the building on the hill stand out between the white and blue.

I have been following this tutorial to try to achieve my goal:

After importing the photo into lightroom I converted it with my pre made DNG profile and got this image:

As you can see there is not much foliage on the trees but the grass comes out pretty well.

And here is where my guess work started. I thought that in order to get the photo I wanted then I needed to separate the photo into three parts with different colours in order to use hue/saturation to modify the colours individually in CS5. And after some playing around with different options I ended up with this:

Maybe this is where it went wrong for me first. Anyway I used the "Edit in CS5" option from lightroom to get to CS5.

First I inverted the blue and red colours in the channel mixer like this:

The I started on the hue/saturation but after pulling bars up and down I ended up with this:

As you can see the foliage and house now resembles each other too much to properly differentiate. So with that .... I stopped and wrote this post. Any help with the post processing is much appreciated.


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