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you've got it a bit backwards :)

chr68 wrote:

It looks like the apertures of the FE mount lenses that are available are ~1 stop lower that what we could get on a classic APSC camera.
The 24-70 does only open at 4. It is easy to find the equivalent on APSC opening at 2.8. ...

It's easy to find full frame f2.8 versions too which is probably part if the reason that Sony decided to launch the smaller f4 ones instead.  They seem to be pushing the A7r as a small camera system as opposed to their own a mount cameras, talking of which Sonys own Zeiss 24-70 f2.8 is a fantastic lens but it significantly heavier than my A7r.  by definition to change from f2.8 to f4 means doubling the area of the aperture so you will end up with a much bigger lens.

This limitation seems inherent to the low distance we have between the sensor and the lens that makes optical corrections much more complex to implement.

No, it's a design decision and that's about it.

I'm wondering then what the benefit would be to have a FF camera like the A7 compared to an other APSC.

Better dynamic range, resolution (for the same field of view) better high iso performance and more control of depth of field.

And of course there's the issue of tolerances a larger system gives more room for margins of error with manufacturing tolerances compared to miniaturising everything.

Of course I know that with adapters you can set lot of third party lenses.
Concerning the size, if you compares the A7 with an APSC camera, the benefit is less evident.

What are the optical and Image Quality advantage of the A7 full frame camera compared to APSC?

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