Surprise: Olympus E-M1 uses a Panasonic sensor!

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Re: Would have been an even nicer surprise...

gnewsch wrote:

Chipworks also says the E-M5 uses a Sony sensor indeed. So I guess we can all agree that currently there is not much difference between the various 43rd 16mp sensors.

There is a big difference between the old 16mp panasonic sensors and the newer sony and panasonic sensor. The difference between the em-5(sony) and gx7(new pana) is insignificant.

The panasonic

G3 GX1 and gf6 use an old cheaper version(only video output is worse) as the gh2.

Gh2 g5 g6 use the larger 18mp multi aspect. But the multi aspect function is unfortunately disabled in the g models.

These sensors have significant less dynamic range at base iso as the new models. Also about an stop lower sensitivity. So ISO 1600 on the gx7 will look about as good as ISO 800 on the g6.

That is a significant difference that closes the gap to most Apsc based camera's. Apsc does still have an resolution advantage since you get similar dynamic range and ISO performance at 24mp.

Or you will get better ISO performance if you choose fujifilm.

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