Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

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Mel Snyder
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Re: Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

InspecterJones wrote:

I would just like to add the ipad is the only tablet currently that can't just read files off an external sdcard. If you plug it in (with the lightning to sd adapter) you can only see thumbnails and must import before viewing in full or even thinking of editing. This is the most major letdown for being owner of an ipad, but it is to be expected as Apple doesnt want you to have any sort of workable external storage. Typical anti-consumer apple b*llsh*t. That being said, it's quite a nice device. I'm considering getting the Nexus 10 when they refresh it soon - assuming the screen will be on par. The biggest problem with Android tablets is that the quality is all over the map. Windows pro tablets are pretty tempting although I haven't really seen one below $500 and with a high quality screen, but being able to run full Lightroom and Photoshop on a tablet would be pretty damn sweet if you ask me. The dell venue pro has been as low as $199 but I can't speak for its quality from a photographers point of view. People seem to love them though.

"ipad is the only tablet currently that can't just read files off an external sdcard."

Not really true: Check out this device - RAVPower® Wireless SD Card Reader,USB External HDD / SDD / USB Flash Disk Reader,3000mAh External Battery Pack & NAS File Server & Wi-Fi Hot Spot Wireless Media Streaming FileHub RP-WD01 Works perfectly. And you can load files directly from your SD cards onto an external HD as security on the road. And then, you can selectively pull images off the hard drive and edit them on the iPad. In its simplest use, the iPad just acts as a wireless controller of the copy process from your SD card to the hard drive.

With it and my iPad 3, I can examine - even edit - my RAW (and jpeg) images full screen by opening them in Photogene without loading them onto my iPad, then save them to that external hard drive (or USB stick) And at $44 is costs very little more than an Apple "Camera Connector."

The only real substitute for an iPad would be an 11 inch MacBook Air with a retina screen - when Apple finally solves the battery life issue. My demand for that dream machine will be significantly diminished when Lightroom for iOS launches - and would be extinguished if rumors of a 13 inch iPad turn out to be true.

I'm sure there are people who like their Nexus and Dell Venue Pro. Insamuch as neither has a significant market share, and Dell is desperately trying to stay in business, I'd suggest that not a lot of people find them that terrific.

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