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Re: The next KILLER feature is...

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I don't argue the value of pulling stills from video - I argue the JOY of it, or lack thereof, for those of us who enjoy the challenge of capturing a still moment.

This is very much an individual choice. For me, I'd rather have the terrific shot that I'd only have perhaps a 30-50% chance of capturing otherwise. Things like a bird taking off are incredibly difficult to anticipate and time properly and very frustrating to try to capture in single shots. Perhaps you wouldn't feel the same degree of "joy" if you didn't have the attendant frustration of all those missed attempts.

I guess I just don't see a lot of difference between picking the one best frame from a "video" vs. picking the one "keeper" from an afternoon of trying to capture the right moment with stills.

Maybe it's the difference between those people who love fishing because of the thrill of those few moments where you're reeling one in vs. those who can't abide all the waiting...

Add to this the next feature that we will see (and some video cameras already have). You can set the camera in a constant capture mode and it will save video/full resolution stills from 1 second BEFORE you hit the shutter (because it is constantly saving them in a buffer and discarding them after a second or so).

Then when you aim the camera at that bird and hit the shutter right after it goes to fly away, you have 40 frames per second of the take off! Think of the possibilities!

It's called "pre-roll".  This has been around pro audio recorders for years.  I think even the Nikon 1 has it.  You can bet that this will be showing up in photography widely.

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