Lenstip tests the DA 20-40 F2.8-4 Limited lens!

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Re: Lenstip tests the DA 20-40 F2.8-4 Limited lens!

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Hi guys,

After a disappointing review of this lens on Pentax Forums in terms of their results at the 40mm end regarding edge performance, I'm pleased to see the review from my favourite site LensTip has just been published, here's the link!


Pretty negative. However, while the people at lenstip looks quite competent and knowledgeable, I have a hard time believing a site which claims the DA21 is sharper than the DA70.

I guess that with all these reviews, you don't know much about a lens until you use one yourself.

I haven't recently read these tests and am therefore not aware if the claim they 21 is sharper than the 70, however are you aware they were tested on different cameras? K10D and K-5 so you cannot compare the image resolution figures directly?

I am aware of that; still, it shouldn't win by a landslide.

I have both lenses and for me there is no doubt: the 70mm is the better one, and with more uniform characteristics.

I don't want to derail this thread as it's about the 20-40 however I would say looking at the image resolution chart for the 21 and the 70, the 70 is better. It has a better balance between the centre and edge resolution and better wide open etc. I'm just wondering why you think the 21 wins by a landslide, is there something I've missed in the review?

It's a figure of speech It does so because it's quite good in the center, and because of the higher resolution camera; in the corners they're more or less equal.

It doesn't feel right, not with a 25% vertical resolution increase - but a much stronger AA filter.


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