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Re: NX1 rumors

pixelpushing wrote:

Troutguy wrote:

tecnoworld wrote:

From photorumors:

'Samsung NX1 will be announced in autumn (Photokina) with a 28MP APS-C sensor and 4k video recording capabilities. The camera will be weather sealed and will run on the Android OS.'

I hope they are wrong about android as an os. But I hope they are right for the rest. Of course I hope it'll have a rangefinder body, though I doubt it considering other nx cameras. Alas.

well, its only rumours but, I dont need or want 28MP and I dont need or want 4k video or

Like it or not, tech marches on.

Or do you still use a 4MP camera with a SmartMedia card and 320x240 video? What does 'need' really mean to an amateur enthusiast..?

it means I wont be waiting on pins and needles for a 28mp 4k video featured Android Samsung camera.I dont need those features and

It also means that I wont be willing to pay for something like this from Samsung,and it will no doubt way over-priced.

thats what "need" means to me, may be different for you

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