EM-1 uses Panasonic sensor per Chipworks

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Re: EM-1 uses Panasonic sensor per Chipworks

BushmanOrig wrote:

I did not get the perception that the GH3 were a great success story for Panasonic, reading the preview on the GH4, I do not see it to change the situation much...... The GH4 is clearly build for video proffesionals and not for photographers or hobby photographers. For example I see no reason for an E-M1/10/5 owner to change over to the GH4 for IQ reasons.......

And Olympus has done exactly what to compete with the GH line on video terms throughout the entire history of M43? Remember the popularity of M43 received a heavy boost when the GH2 became the favoured camera on EOSHD which actually got serious videographers committed to the format. And today there exists a substantial user community with M43 gear who are into video, which constitutes a large part of the population who are serious about video. This is one specialization M43 has a significant market footprint compared with other formats and Olympus' contribution to this has been abysmal.

Panasonic urgently needs to build a new product identity with which photographers can identify.... Olympus has filled that space and they building entry barriers fast.....

I think Panasonic's current approach is quite valid. Real compact P&S competitor in the form of the GM1 - filling a niche Olympus has only been half-heartedly addressing with halfway attempts. Real rangefinder-style with VF on the corner in the form of the GX7 - a vocal request, at least from forums like this, that has been consistently ignored by Olympus (I personally actually don't understand those fervent requests for something like this so am with Olympus on this one). Robust and dirt cheap light DSLR type bodies to attract people from APSC SLR land in the form of the Gx line, which is where my personal buying usually would be and a sector only now Olympus has started to tackle with the E-M10 (could be my next camera). High end video machines that have no equal in the entire camera landscape, not even from CaNiSony, in the form of the GH line, which has managed to be one step ahead of everyone else again.

What it does not do is something to compete with the E-M1. Well the E-M1 actually exists so it's not a practical problem for M43 users.

The other thing Panasonic can never do is to call back to a decades old camera heritage - this allows them to do wacky things like the GM1 and GH4 which are difficult to understand for some audiences but actually do sell on the marketplace. This is probably their identity. People like me thoroughly enjoy this. When I buy a camera I buy it in isolation without any emotional baggage attached to the brand name and evaluate the available products in a features vs. prices vs. my own requirements game. And the existence of Panasonic and Sony who approach camera making and selling from a home and personal electronics supplier perspective brings refreshing opportunities all the time. Remembering back to the 1980s when cameras were solely made by camera companies, Nikon and Canon and the bunch of others who behave much like Nikon and Canon, it was so boring.

M43 is very nice with a traditional camera company which thinks and behaves like one, and a company with little camera heritage which behaves accordingly. Outside of M43, you are either stuck with Sony or stuck with CaNikon-like companies and you cannot build a system consisting of items from these two cultures

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