What's all this about "slow" AF with X-E1/X-Pro1??

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..."slow" AF - people do not know what they are buying....or saying

I have used a Canon 7D  since 2010 with some good and fast lenses  - and i think i know how a fast AF works or should work.

I bought a X-E1 because i wanted a smaller portable camera - not because it had faster  AF. It was easy to read tests and  user experiences and i went to a shop to try the AF with my own eyes.

I did some tests at home too in rather dark circumstances and also outdoors.  I think i got exactly what i paid for.

My X-E1 focuses faster than i need - i need some seconds to compose and to think about the exposure. This camera needs  0.02 - 0,1   seconds...

I use manual focusing (M) so that i press the AF-lock - and get a fast focus on the right part of the subject . Then i try to do the composition and exposure as i want/hope. Ultrafast AF does not do that.

The camera is  anyway faster than my brains. Fantastic camera for traveling, portraits , nature  and for landscapes.

BUT IF  i want good action /BIF /sports images  or some special flash arrangements , i will take my 7D to get the job dome.  Or if i want to use some special lenses i have  bought - like 10-22 or the macro.

I have never been disappointed with the AF system !  I knew what i wanted and i got it. A nice camera with a good AF especially now after the firmware updates.

We have to think before we buy to avoid unnecessary stupid disappointments

Fast AF was not needed as much as right exposure....

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