Why do people shy away from superzoom lenses?

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Why do people shy away from superzoom lenses?

Below, I'm going to post 2 sub threads with 7 photos each covering wide to full zoom from the Sigma 18-250mm macro lens.

There are those who look upon superzoom lenses in utter disdain or contempt.

But I wonder why that is. Is it because historically, superzoom lenses had bad optics or bad quality control and therefore "once bitten, twice shy"?

Or are there those that consider that unless you use lenses with f/2.8 or faster aperture, then the lens cannot provide bokeh perfection and therefore is not a serious lens?

Maybe I'm just not critical enough.

I'm not completely ignorant - some of the focal lengths are not the sharpest in the edges - particularly if you pixel peep.  But for a convenient all-in one lens, I think its a good lens.

If someone told me I could only have 1 lens, it would be this one.

I submit these series of photos as examples of what I consider to be a decent day-time travel zoom lens.

I'm not a master at composition, thats up to the individual.  This is about overall image quality.

If you think the quality is unacceptable, let me know. You wont hurt my feelings. We each have different tolerance for quality.

Thanks for watching.

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