EM-1 uses Panasonic sensor per Chipworks

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Re: Panasonic could be just subcontractor

Impulses wrote:

Does anyone actually care so long as the sensor performs well?

Why is this attitude so pervasive on these forums? It's not like DPR is even a site about photography technique, it's about gear. I don't need to know that Apple licenses the ARM ISA and then designs a fully custom SoC to use a phone to great effect, but articles (like those that Anandtech publishes) about the silicon that goes into current smartphones and tablets are still very illuminating... And yes, they even shape buying decisions.

It's not ALL about the experience, or the performance, or the specs... It's a combination of ALL of it. If you don't care to know how things work and why that's fine, but the condescending attitude towards those that do is wholly unnecessary. I happen to think that the better people understand the tools they use the more they can squeeze out of them AND the more they can demand out of the companies that make said tools.

Just knowing that Olympus is STILL using Panasonic sensors (regardless of which and on what camera) is kinda huge IMO... It means there's either a very good technical reason for it or they don't get quite as much of a bulk discount of Sony sensors as some would assume. If the latter is true it can make Panasonic's lower end models with older sensors look just a little more half hearted, etc (and I'm happy with my humble GF btw, and I don't use an iPhone).

Bravo. That rhetorical question you responded to showed a lack of observation skills on the part of the asker and nothing else. It's patently clear participants of this thread do care.

In fact, a pure interest in the tech without any tie-in to photographic motivations is quite valid in a forum like this.

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