MFT Users: Do you miss the shallower depth-of-field of bigger sensor cameras?

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Once again ..

Gravi wrote:

2/3 of a stop is not THAT much. In my book.

If you compare diagonal. For the same horizontal framing - and I did compare it - APS-C frame is wider, so you get a step closer. In addition there are more faster lenses then there are for the smaller formats. That was my point.

f/1.8 lenses that are sharp wideopen are fast enough to get good DoF control. That was my point and still is.

But there are also f/1.8 lenses for APS-C, and plenty f/1.4 ones as well.

Unless you use some exotics, like f/1 and below manual focus primes. Those are neither affordable for what they are, nor quality comparable at wide open at the same blur.

So first you state that APS-C has much more shallow DoF control than m43rds, now you say that FF does not have that much to offer. Sir, you are just here to pick a fight.

If you use Voigtländer Nokton f/0.95 (and the likes) on mFT, you get the same (or shallower) DoF then with f/1.4 lenses on APS-C. We can copy/paste the rest from here, those (exotic lenses) are neither affordable for what they are, nor quality comparable at wide open at the same blur. In other words, APS-C will likely deliver better detailed images.

But personally I find that micro fourthirds gives enough possibilities to play with shallow DoF, you just have to be a bit more aware of the situation, aperture, and composition.

What if the situation does not present itself, like busy backgrounds, not enough space, the frame is too wide to capture, ..etc.? Sounds like most of the scenarios one would encounter on day to day shooting. Unless you are in a big studio of course.

Picking a fight again. Please stop. The second word in my above statement says it all.

No, just stating the obvious. In fact, let's do it again - What if you have busy background, not enough space, or the frame is too wide to capture - how do you go about DoF control in such scenarios?

I would advise you to add a faster prime to the kit mentioned, such as the 45mm f1.8 which is not overly expensive and really opens up the shallow DoF capability of the system.

90/3.6 would be neither here no there on a full frame camera.

Go play with your FF camera then.

Which means you would like to disagree.

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- sergey

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