E-410 LCD display panel for a specific item ( pixel resolution)

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E-410 LCD display panel for a specific item ( pixel resolution)

Here's what happened. I currently own an E410 and wanted another

I bought a used E410 and it arrived and I powered it up. All worked well.

The LCD panel showed something in the picture type box I have never seen before.  The box on the bottom of the screen just to the left of the remaining pictures. The box that shows the picture type, RAW, SHQ, SQ and so on. Is it clear what part of the display I'm indicating?

My display on my new 410 was also showing the resolution. So my screen would,in the case of RAW, it would show 3648x2736 over the word RAW.

When I chose HQ it showed 2520x1980 over the word HQ.

Suddenly that stopped. I don't know what I did but I didn't reset the cam in any way via buttons/card door or battery. (I know how to hard reset and whatnot)

I really like having the resolution displayed on the LCD panel and would like to get that feature back.

Note: I remember my original 410 used to display the resolution as well when I first got it and I must have done something to turn that off on my first 410 as well.

Both cameras are firmware 1.3 body and lens.

Any help?

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