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pixelpushing wrote:

tecnoworld wrote:

From photorumors:

'Samsung NX1 will be announced in autumn (Photokina) with a 28MP APS-C sensor and 4k video recording capabilities. The camera will be weather sealed and will run on the Android OS.'

I hope they are wrong about android as an os.

I'd much prefer Android over what the NX300 has. In fact, I'd prefer almost anything over that.

Well I have the NX300, and a Galaxy NX. The 300, as everyone knows has a Tizen OS, while the Galaxy NX has the Android OS. The NX300's OS is head and shoulders above the Android system, IMO. Tha Android is too slow to start, is to power hungry. Despit the Galaxy NX having a lrger battery, it has a much reduced shooting life, when compared to the NX300. With all uneccessary items disabled in the NX300, and juducious use on the on/off control, I can get a full day's shooting and hudreds of pics out of the 300. Using the Galaxy NX with its larger battery, turniing off every uneccassary thing in the camera, i.e. using it only ti take photo's, I can only get around 4 hours of use before it warns me of having a low battery. No, I would take the 300 over a Galaxy NX any day. I also prefer the style, abd size of the NX300. Of course, this is my preference, and I'm listing MY dislikes, but YMMV.

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