MFT Users: Do you miss the shallower depth-of-field of bigger sensor cameras?

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Re: Yes

Someone below said selective focus is a better word than just shallow dof. I agree. That's not to say that m43 can't get selective focus. It can, it just can't get it selective enough for me (although if I had the 75mm 1.8 I might be happier!). However I do think m43 is the smallest size sensor you can get in which you can get reasonable selective focus. Smaller sensor than that is too limiting. m43 can still achieve a good bit, and if you don't want to be too selective, it might be just fine. But if you want serious selective, no. Unless you like getting in extra close up all the time.

I've only had m43 for a couple of months, so am still pretty new, but am leaning towards thinking that a FF and m43 combo is the best. FF for really serious work, certain landscapes perhaps, and for shallow dof, particularly in wider angle. Or for when clients have expectations of FF, or you need higher mpix. And m43 for day-to-day, travel, discreet camera situations, fun, and when you want more dof for your aperture. If I had the money, a Canon 6d plus higher end m43 camera would make a good combo. Each would have its own strengths that complement each other. To pay for having two systems, just buy one less Canon L lens and get the m43 system instead. Of course, it won't be nice carrying two systems around, you would have to decide which system you needed to take with you each time you go out for whatever that trip was about.

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