Penrax K3 weather sealing problem.

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Re: Don't make fuss out of it — just replace it

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

me_tarzan wrote:

Fair comment but it's just that in so many years of being a Pentax user (film and digital), this is the first time that I've had a new Pentax that has a glaring mechanical fault. I've seen software issues with Pentax. They were irritating but rain getting into a weatherproof camera is a fundamental fail. Pentax is such a respected name, their equipment has been used by professionals and amateurs for 60 years. I just hope that this experience of mine isn't a harbinger of Pentax's future.

You did a good job of testing it out in adverse weather.

Then do yourself another favour, and don't make too much fuss out of this — it happens, and you can get a new one. You are covered.

A few months ago, I would have given the same reply. But in the meantime, I have learned that water ingress is a reason for Ricoh to void the warranty. It is now up to Ricoh to decide whether they honor the warranty or voiding it.

I wish good luck to the original poster.

Not only did I have to pay a new camera after Ricoh voided the warranty, I also had to pay a service tax since the 10 months old camera was not anymore under warranty...

My mistake was to have used the K5 IIs in the fog on an afternoon with a non weather sealed lens, the DA15. Even if the analyses of the inner parts of the camera points to a defect in the seal of the AF/MF switch, Ricoh does not mind, water ingress is a reason to void the warranty.

My lessons learned is not to use a weather sealed Ricoh camera again in adverse conditions without weather sealed lens. I also took an insurance on photo equipment covering a wide range of damages, even water ingress and hope in case of a similar problem, the insurance will deal with Ricoh on why they exclude the seals from the warranty on weather sealed equipment.

On a side note, I ended up replacing the k5 IIs by buying two K3. I figured out I will cover the one or other stopover of the Volvo Ocean Race next year and even if my Nikon D4 should not have a problem resisting to the adverse conditions, it remains cheaper to replace the K3 than the D4.

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