Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

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Re: Skip the tablet, skip the smartphone...

seraiah wrote:

Hi! I'm looking at getting my first tablet, and I've never had a smart phone, so: please bear with me if these are dumb questions ;).

I'm posting here because I'm hoping to get one that 'plays well' with my NEX5R, if there's one that's easier to work with for a newbie? I'd like to be able to use it for post-processing, and maybe for remote viewing/control - (is that an option?) We'd use it on trips, for backing up and viewing photos, so does that mean I should go with one that has a memory card slot?

Do people prefer Android, Apple or Windows in cases like this? which has the best tablet apps for pp?

Tablets with Wacom styluses are intriguing, but how much better are they for writing and pp than capacitive styluses?

Our main computer runs Windows, if that means anything. Budget is up to about 500. Thanks for any help you can give to get me off the fence!

The tablet and smartphone are nice to use for remote apps, but not for photo-editing.

If you use e.g. LR5.3, it requires windows 7 or 8, 64bit, and the tablet has most likely insufficient compute power - it will be excruciatingly slow or impossible to use it for pp.

Use a laptop and a portable USB3.0 harddrive (e.g. passport). These are both relatively cheap and you can store TeraBytes. You can also read SDcards easily and fast.

Because you get both display and keyboard, it is like having your PC with you.

If you want to splurge, get a solid-state harddrive, so there is no startup time, and very little battery drain - these laptops last plenty of hours, often longer than tablets.

I use a very thin ultrabook PC, about 1lb, with i7, 8GB, Windows 8.1, and a 2MP HD (touch) display. It is barely thicker than a tablet, and it weights about the same. It has HDMI out for a large monitor. It is probably above your budget - for $500, consider used: e.g. an i5 ultrabook with 4GB or a used MacBook Air.

Oh, and if you get Windows 8.1, get a portable (USB or bluetooth) mouse, even if you have a touch-screen, you'll be so glad that you did.

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