MFT Users: Do you miss the shallower depth-of-field of bigger sensor cameras?

Started Feb 8, 2014 | Discussions thread
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It's my #1 thing I'm not happy with with m43. I know I can fiddle around with metabones and manual focus to get more shallow dof, but it's costly too, not as practical, and still can't do the extreme shallow dof. The 42.5mm f1.2 lens looks very very nice, but to be honest I think I would rather spend that kind of money on a used FF camera and a single prime lens.

I don't think you'll get many unbiased opinions on this forum though. I think secretly deep down inside a lot of m43 users wish they could get shallower dof. At least for portraits. I see a lot of people claiming things like 'shallow dof is just such a fad, it will get out of date soon', or 'shallow dof is usually just a way of hiding poor photography' etc. but I don't believe it. I've got the 45mm 1.8, which is supposed to be quite nice for shallow dof, but it's really not as good as I expected. m43 has other strengths though.

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