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Lynn876 wrote:

And does anyone here work outside with sports or wildlife with a D800E? Is the moire issue all that bad? Is there more flare or more artifacts?

Remember that when you are pixel peeping you are looking at somewhere around 72-96 ppi depending on the screen. At 72 ppi, with a D800 you are looking at part of an image that is approximately 5.7 x 8.5 ft. in size. With a D7000 it would only be 3.8 x 5.7 ft. So, if you stitched two D7000 images together it would still wouldn't be quite as large as the D800 image.

I have a D800E. IMO, the pixel peeping is quite impressive. Click on Original Size.

Screen capture of Lightroom 5 showing thumbnail and 100% detail

I don't have much problem with moiré. I've only seen it on a distant house with Spanish tiles on the roof. I was able to remove it in Lightroom 5. You may see moiré more often with feathers and fabrics, but quite a few people shoot weddings, fashion, and birds with a D800E and there haven't been many posts showing problems. The moiré hysteria mostly occurred before people had a D800E in their hands.

In the sample images I looked at, before deciding between the D800 and D800E, the D800 was a little softer than D800E at 100%. At the same time, moiré showed up in both. It was just less pronounced in the D800.

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