ISo accuracy, X-E2 versus rest of the world

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Re: There are many ISO standards

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Who cares? Its ISO values are not comparable to those of other manufacturers, which is what matters.

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john carson

The OP cares because he speculated Fujifilm was cheating. Perhaps there is another answer.

well, my fujifilm x10 at ISO100 seems to choose nearly identical exposure settings as my x100s at ISO200. two cameras from same manufacturer made within a year or two, but double the ISO on the X-trans sensor. i can't imagine there is any legitimate reason that fujifilm couldn't manage to maintain ISO behavior between cameras.

This! Obviously Fuji needed a way to hype up Xtrans technology. There was a blindtest thread (from user BrianKraft I think) comparing X100, X100s and 5D mk2 at the same ISO/aperture/shutter speed setting. I only need to take one look to guess the cameras based on how bright the images were (5D > X100 > X100s). Guess what? I got them dead right.

It's intentional dishonesty for marketing purpose, period. I suppose Fuji can only go up from here. When they come out with another sensor tech they'll have to double the cheating.

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