Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

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Re: Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

seraiah wrote:

Hi! I'm looking at getting my first tablet, and I've never had a smart phone, so: please bear with me if these are dumb questions ;).

I'm posting here because I'm hoping to get one that 'plays well' with my NEX5R, if there's one that's easier to work with for a newbie? I'd like to be able to use it for post-processing, and maybe for remote viewing/control - (is that an option?) We'd use it on trips, for backing up and viewing photos, so does that mean I should go with one that has a memory card slot?

Do people prefer Android, Apple or Windows in cases like this? which has the best tablet apps for pp?

Tablets with Wacom styluses are intriguing, but how much better are they for writing and pp than capacitive styluses?

Our main computer runs Windows, if that means anything. Budget is up to about 500. Thanks for any help you can give to get me off the fence!

I have two ipads, a Galaxy tab 2, A surface pro, Surface Pro 2, Dell Venue 8 pro, Venue 11 pro and a few other random Win 8 tablets.

Do you already have PP apps that you use on your computer? Will you also want to do PP work on your computer with apps that you may or may not already have. Then it's a easy choice. A windows tablet will give you all the portability and convenience of a tablet, with none of the limitation and allow you to basically use the same apps across all your devices.  I run LR5 on all of the Windows devices listed above and it works great on all of them. Obviously the surface pro/2 offers the best performance, but it's also priced more like a laptop. I have the Bay Trail versions of the Venue 8 ($200-300, depending on where you get it) and 11 ($399 and up) and LR5 runs great on both. The Venue 8 is not a device I would recommend to do ALL your PP work on, but if you want something to take on trips with you, get all day battery life, will fit in your back pocket and allow you to review and edit some pics while you're out and about, it's an amazingly versatile devices. The Venue 11 pro cuts the back pocket level portability, but gives you a system you could use full time for everything, on the road, at home, whatever. I have the clamshell dock that makes it into a 3lb laptop, but also bumps the battery life up to around 15 hours and I have the slim keyboard for when I want ultimate portability.

I rarely use the stylus on my surface pro for anything photo related. I have used it some in PS, but it was nothing I would depend on it for. The Dell's have them as well, but they're not on the same level as the surface pro's stylus.

I love my ipads for what they are, great devices, but I have no interest shoving a square peg into a round hole when there are devices that give me all the convenience and none of the limitations.

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