OK I'll just look at M39 and OM glass.... No I won't...

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Re: Huh? OM 50mm f1.8s are still going for £10-20

Andy Crowe wrote:

WOW... I really wouldn't mind some cheap and fast manual prime glass and I was just stickybeaking around to get an idea on prices... I just had a look on eBay... talk about price inflation even for average lenses not taking into account crop factor. Yeah... No... I won't be looking there again any time soon. $500 for a 50mm with a 2x crop factor at F/4.... Yeah... No... lol...

Not sure where you're looking, but OM 50mm f1.8s are still going for £10-20, with the 50mm f1.4 clocking in at around £70

If you want wider then the Olympus 24mm f2 have been selling for £100 for as long as I can remember.

The 24/2 sells for $300-500 here, the 24/2.8 on the other hand can easily be found for under $150, maybe that's what you're thinking of.

The Zuiko F2 primes, such as 21/2, 24/2 35/2, 50/2 macro, 85/2, and 100/2 all are quite expensive, but there are 2.8/3.5 versions of all of these for much more reasonable prices (except the 85/2). These lenses are very good, very small for their type/size, as well as pretty uncommon, all of which factors into the market value.

When it comes to manual focus lenses wider than 28mm, the value tends to get out of control, as FF lenses wider than that go into the ultra wide territory. You can easily pay $1000 for a Zuiko 18mm, because that is a FF ultra wide equiv to a 9mm lens in M43rds terms. But natively you can pick up an AF Zuiko 17/1.8 for much less, and at a much lower size and weight. This has to do with the flange distance as well, these types of lenses designed for SLRs need to be much bigger than lenses designed for mirrorless cameras with short flanges because they are retrofocus designs.

The 28-100mm, and even up really, you can often find good values compared to native lenses.

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