Bad News About Amazon

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Bad News About Amazon

After reading here about some new cameras purchased at Amazon that appeared to have been previously owned, I made sure when I ordered this week that I got "sold by and shipped by Amazon".

Unfortunately, three cameras (including one that was a replacement for one I called and complained about because it was previously owned) all were not "new fresh from box". Were they probably just "purchased, returned and restocked"? Maybe. I know Frye's does that all the time.

But the point is Amazon has developed into a -very- trusted retailer. They shouldn't be sending out returns as "new"--and one I got actually had a problem with the stabilizer that was showing up in every screen.  What made me think they were previously owned? A few subtle things, but also that the batteries had full charges, contrary to what the manual says it should arrive like.

When I called, they sent another camera the next day, no charge, but it was the same problem.

I'm very disappointed, but I think that Amazon is so big now that they're dealing with a lot of intermediaries in the distribution stream (this probably came from a nearby "Amazon Locker" rather than a warehouse). And when it comes from a warehouse (as the first one did) either they just put returns back into the "new" section, or grab a product from a secondary seller if its handy and marked as "new".  (I've seen this happen before--thought it was just carelessness in the warehouse).

Point is, you can't be sure you're getting a new camera when you buy one new at Amazon. Maybe that's true everywhere (as I say, I know they restock at Frye's without telling customers), but I expected better.

I guess I should keep the X-S1 that works, rather than go through it all again.

Also, how does the warranty work? The registration card says it has nothing to do with a warranty and there's no warranty card. Is it just automatic, based on having an Amazon receipt?

Buyer beware!

Fujifilm X-S1
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