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Re: DRM...

Mark H wrote:

But that's not a technical issue. It's simply an industry choice and one that is really bad for consumers, in my view. That in itself is a pretty good reason to hate Blu-Ray.

I have to disagree.

Why should the consumer automatically/by default be granted any right to duplicate something they buy, for whatever purpose.

I didn't suggest they should.

However, what we have now is the worst of all worlds. Bizarre copy protection schemes and restrictions that don't actually work (the pirates have pretty much cracked them all) but do greatly inconvenience the legit customers. That makes absolutely no sense.

It is up to the 'consumer' to either accept those terms of sale/purchase, or simply to choose not to buy.

Agreed. And in many cases, like BluRay's, 4k, cable TV, and more, I choose not to buy.

On the other hand, like millions of others, I am very happy with my Netflix subscription because they've found a much more customer friendly business model. It does include reasonable (even strong) protections for the copyright holders but those don't inconvenience me as a subscriber. None of their security measures detract from my enjoyment of the service. That's what I call "smart".

The music industry already tested the policies that the motion picture industry is using today. And the result was a 50% decline in revenues from which they are maybe just starting to recover. It looks like the motion picture industry wants to repeat the experiment in the hope of obtaining a different result. That's what I call "dumb".

I'm not advocating intellectual property anarchy. I'm advocating "smart" business models versus the (mainly) dumb ones we have today.

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