Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

Started Feb 6, 2014 | Polls thread
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Re: Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

Sean Nelson wrote:

But that's not a technical issue. It's simply an industry choice and one that is really bad for consumers, in my view.

Well, it is still at least partly a technical issue because of the time needed to download 40GB for most folks.

But, as I've said elsewhere, most folks don't need 40GB most of the time.

It makes sense to offer multiple download options from say 1GB to 40GB. Most likely, I'd go for something in the 5GB range because I know that Blu-Ray's can be compressed down to that size with a pretty small loss in quality. If I really want it fast, 1GB is watchable although the quality will be closer to DVD than Blu-Ray.

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