7D USB port suddenly didn't function

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Re: 7D USB port suddenly didn't function

TTMartin wrote:

Sherwin V Ubaldo wrote:
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On the second day, same setup but we connected the usb cable thru another port which is a USB 3.0. Half way thru when I was changing lens, as usual, turn off the camera, change lens then on. To our suprise the EOS Utility cannot detect the camera. We tried another camera (6D & 60D) and was detected without any problem!

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Thanks for the warning!

It is a good reminder to always properly disconnect a device using the computer before shutting down or unplugging it.

I've had one CF card 'go bad', and it was from removing it too soon from a computer.

It is my experience that message 'It is now safe to remove' applies to safe for the device as well as the computer.

I guess I got lucky in I only messed up a CF card and not my camera.

Lucky for you it is just the CF Card. Anyway, mine was turned off (7D) before changing lenses but it has always been like that for the past three years... I cannot recall if there is a "safe to remove device" on the laptop for the 7D thou. But I always remove or unmount portable devices (hard drives, thumb drives, etc.) when I unplug them. Maybe I missed that one out. Silly me.

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