Color Calibration and Profiles...?

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Paul Auclair Veteran Member • Posts: 4,593
Color Calibration and Profiles...?

I have been a user of Xrite's Monaco EZ Color and OTIX XR bundle for some time.

I've upgraded to Window8 64bit and an Asus ProArt monitor.

With my past CRT monitors the need for calibrating the colors was..well..regular enough.

My last monitor (of 5 years) was an NEC WMGX (not the best but decent) and for 5 years it was color correct right from the box and stayed that way. Meaning it's colors required no/very very little correcting/adjusting according to the X-rite package. I pretty much used the Xrite stuff once a year and still never needed to adjust the colors. Really the only 'benefit' of the X-rite stuff was to measure the brightness level.

I now have the Asus ProArt and it's advertised to be color correct(calibrated/profiled) from the factory. This monitor is in the same (price point) category as the the best but decent.

So...I'm using Win8(64bit) and the Xrite stuff I have (discontinued for a very long time) is not compatible.

I just do not see much benefit of buying/using new calibration hardware/software being that the monitor, if it's at least as good as the last, will likely not need any (or very very tiny and un-noticeable) adjustment anyhow. I can set the brightness to taste.

BTW-I use to profile (IT8) my Canon/Epson printers for use with non-OEM papers/inks but I do not print as much and now I simply use Epson's OEM inks/papers/canned profiles and they are spot on or close enough to it.

Am I missing something pertaining to tangible benefits of reinvesting in calibration/profiling gear for the monitor/printer?

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