7D USB port suddenly didn't function

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Sherwin V Ubaldo
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Re: Still Dead USB but Audio & Video Cable provided works via USB port!

phill104 wrote:

Probably a faulty socket on the camera then. It probably will not help but it could be worth giving the socket a blow out with an air duster. I have seen these small sockets get crap in them sometimes preventing a good connection or even shorting pins. Let's hope Canon launch a high end APS-C with wireless in the future so we can dispatch with the leads.

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Thanks phill104 for reminding me that. I did a quick rocket blower and used a contact cleaner spray for electronics which usually does the trick on old USB sockets but this one is speck clean and still nothing happened. I just hope canon will address this issue with their USB ports in the upcoming models with wi-fi on the 7DII!

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